Like many boys growing up in a small town in the 1970’s, my first shots were taken with my prized Daisy BB Gun. When at the age of eleven I was gifted for Christmas a Crosman Model 760 multi-pump pellet rifle, I figured I was king of the world!

Later years found me spending my summers visiting family in Arizona, where I was fortunate to have my inspiration, Dr. Robert Jochim, take me along with his sons on many evening jackrabbit hunts in the desert. My fascination with accurate rifles and longer range targets was born with the old 22-250 Remington we used on those hunts.

After years of schooling, training, and practicing surgery, my passion for high quality firearms and long-range shooting was reignited more than 15 years ago when I discovered modern shooting equipment and techniques, primarily under the guidance of my now close friend and mentor Tom Sarver at his beautiful facility in Ohio, Thunder Valley Precision. The next decade found me competing in many long-range rifle tournaments and traveling west and south for big game hunts, all the while accumulating tremendous knowledge in the areas of rifle construction, ballistics, and shooting techniques.

Having spent the last several years developing a shop, acquiring machinery, and learning the hands-on methods of precision rifle manufacturing, I am fortunate to now begin this enterprise. East Texas Precision will fuel my passion for the sport and allow me to share a wealth of knowledge with fellow enthusiasts, while simultaneously allowing me to create state-of-the-art shooting systems developed specifically for the needs and wants of my customers.